At Bellhop, we adopt a customized approach to every project, delving into your initial thoughts and ideas to craft one-of-a-kind and distinctive creations each time. Whether you envision a classical, romantic, and subtle aesthetic or prefer bold, contemporary, and innovative design, our goal is to transform your ideas into a stunning reality. We strive to bring forth the utmost beauty in every aspect, resulting in a truly remarkable outcome that reflects your vision. Bellhop we will handle contract negotiations, pricing discussions, and all administrative tasks related to all suppliers and your chosen venue. As part of our planning services we provide a free initial consultation so that you get to meet us. Both parties must ensure that they are on the same page, what styles you like, and how achievable your vision is. This covers from wedding designing to wedding invitation and everything in between including honeymoon planning.

With full wedding planning service there will be a meeting every month from the day a contract has been signed to the month before the day of the wedding, there after it will be weekly