You have always had your dream wedding all mapped out, however you would like to have expert support in a few areas you find challenging and do not know where exactly to start from. By attentively understanding your needs, we will meticulously explore our network of exceptional suppliers to discover the perfect match for you. Our responsibilities extend beyond just finding the right fit – we will handle contract negotiations, pricing discussions, and all administrative tasks related to up to four suppliers and your chosen venue. With our dedicated approach as best events consultants in Harare, Zimbabwe, we strive to bring your dream wedding to life, ensuring it becomes a memorable fairy tale experience.

As part of our part wedding planning services, you will have 4 consultations before the wedding date to discuss and plan your special day. We prioritize prompt and attentive communication by committing to respond to your emails within 24 hours. In addition, we take on the role of liaising with up to four suppliers and your chosen venue, serving as your representative and ensuring effective coordination and communication throughout the planning process.